Starting Your Business – Is It Worth Using Legalzoom for Help?

As a company or business owner, you make a lot of decisions on a daily basis. Some of these decisions are brainless choices, simple choices, while others take a considerable amount of brain cells and brainpower to decide. It is no surprise many business owners fall into bed tired and worn out in due course.

On the other hand, picking a service provider for business operations does not need to be one of those unfeasible choices. Many business owners utilize or opt for LegalZoom’s Limited Liability Company entity formation services to assist you in picking to form a limited liability company for their business. If you want to know how to form a limited liability company with LegalZoom and other vital information such as:

  • What we want about the service they offer
  • The things we don’t want about them
  • Thorough information about pricing packages
  • Who to use this service provider instead
  • Etc

In the end, you will know the whole thing you want to know regarding LegalZoom. In addition, you can read an extended review of Legalzoom here. You can make a well-informed decision about utilizing them or not to integrate your business. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Based on the information from, LegalZoom is a business leader when it comes to the online legal service arena. It is most notorious for being a one-stop for entire legal needs regardless of whether it is a professional, a business, or a personal matter. While it is not the cheapest choice available online, LegalZoom provides clients proven reliability, great customer support as well as product versatility. Keeping all these things in mind, this service provider must be a major contender for the next online legal service company.

Comparing the Services of LegalZoom to Other Online Services

This company has the best and most versatile service offerings in legal services online. It doesn’t matter if you like to create a business, secure intellectual property, or want advice; LegalZoom is always here to help.

LegalZoom’s one-off services are expensive compared to other companies or service providers from a business viewpoint. On the other hand, businesses that need ongoing legal service can gain from its long service package with fixed monthly charges. This isn’t a choice that other legal services online offer, making this company the number one option for those with often legal needs.

How to Form or Setup a Limited Liability Company with LegalZoom: Overview

A Limited Liability Company or LLC offers separation of the company/business from its proprietor. 

So, the owners are not personally accountable for business credits and debts which accrue. Usually, limited liability companies are more flexible compared to standard corporations as well as easier and simpler to set up. All states in the US have their sets of rules and procedures.

The Easy and Simple Steps To Forming an LLC

When you are starting a limited liability company via LegalZoom, or other methods, first and foremost, you will have to file documentation in the area in which your company will be operated. Keep in mind that each state in the US has its own sets of rules and regulations, and procedures.

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On the other hand, there are some needed steps that have to be followed to make your Limited Liability Company properly and accurately. These steps are present in spite of the state of incorporation.

Pick a Name

Many states never allow two registered businesses to have a similar name. This extends previous Limited Liability Companies; therefore, there can be no LCC, Fora Financial as well as For a Financial Inc in a similar state. An entity name check is available to make sure your business name is one of a kind to the state of incorporation.

Reserve an LLC Name If Possible

This is perfect if you do not have a plan for filing articles of incorporation right away. Reservations need a charge as well as an official form.

Choose Qualified and Registered Agent

Virtually all states need limited liability companies to name a registered agent. A registered agent is a person agreeing to get official documentation on behalf of the business or company. They pass them to the appropriate entity in the limited liability company for assessment.

Make Your Operating Agreement

Limited Liability Company operating contracts show the roadmap explaining how the business or company will be handled and operated. Typically, they are not filed with the state. There are instances that they are not even needed by state regulations and law.

In spite of this, operating contracts are vital to define accountabilities and reduce future problems in your company or association.

Filing Articles of Organization: These are needed for the entire state to begin or start a limited liability company officially. The Articles of Organization explain the rights, power, duties, liabilities as well as obligations of every member of the Limited Liability Company.

Getting A Certificate of Limited Liability Company: You will get official LLC documentation if the document is filed in the state’s system. And from here, you are able to get tax identification numbers, business bank accounts, and a whole lot more.

Thinking of LegalZoom When Forming an LLC

LegalZoom is one of the most efficient and simplest choices for people planning to start a limited liability company. This is a reliable legal service offering online, made as one stop shop for all legal requirements of small companies and businesses.

These companies can pay low fixed rates for all forms of legal work. What is more, LegalZoom limited liability company formation takes account of choices such as:

  • Creating customized legal documentation with online signature technology
  • Patents, copyrights as well as trademark registration
  • Consultations with attorneys, accountant analyses as well as legal document assessment
  • Making of living wills, estate planning as well as trusts
  • The main customer base for this company is smaller companies lacking in house lawyers and counsel.

Why Consider LegalZoom in the Making of LLC?

There are many good reasons why using LegalZoom is a smart choice in the creation of an LLC. It has many things to offer to potential clients aside from being one of the best and top providers of legal services online. However, even the most notorious providers have areas wherein they could improve. In this section, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of LegalZoom to assist you in choosing whether it is the best choice for your company or business. 

The Pros

  • Many Years of Experience in the Industry: LegalZoom has been a premier legal service company over the net for many decades now. During that time, it assisted more than two million business people and small company owners, turning their dreams of creating their own businesses into a reality. Because of many years of experience, rest easy that your company’s legal requirements are in good hands. 
  • Long Track Record of Success: The company claim to have helped more than four million businesses and customers. LegalZoom is composed of professionals and experts who are adept at the process of putting up a limited liability company as well as relevant filing procedures. The company also has an arsenal of resources to make sure success as well as a smooth, simple as well as streamlined experience.

They also provide 60 days money back warranty to their clients

LegalZoom is considered the longest in the formation of the LLC industry, and they also provide membership abolition and deletion at any time you want, with a prorated refund.

  • Provides a Business Advisory Plan: This plan offers regular lawyer access for low monthly expenses, and it takes account of phone consults, tax advice, document review, yearly business assessments, and a whole lot more.
  • Easy Process: The process via LegalZoom is very hands-off for owners of businesses not aware of the limited liability company formation process. After the needed information has been integrated, the company takes on the rest of the sound work. This is perfect for letting owners of a business concentrate on running operations.
  • Amazing Customer Service

Some features are prone to charging clients for subscription services they might not really want. This could make for an infuriating experience. According to reviews, a lot of clients mention slower processes as well as a lack of communication.

  • User-Friendliness

The whole process must take no longer than fifteen to twenty minutes. In case you’re not capable of completing an order in a single sitting, providing you the choice of completing the formation of your limited liability company order at a later time.

The Disadvantages of LegalZoom

In spite of the perks mentioned, there are also some distinctive downsides to think of or consider. These advantages and disadvantages must be weighed prior to choosing and deciding to use this company to put up your limited liability company. Some of the drawbacks of using this service take into account the following:

  • Customer Service Problems: LegalZoom has been renowned for having a lot of issues when it comes to customer service. They have a lot of phone support available on a daily basis except on weekends. Also, they have email support as an alternative. On the other hand, online reviews show that the overall quality of customer service when putting up a limited liability company is subpar as well as underserved.
  • No Ongoing Dashboard: This issue could make it hard for you to keep organized all through the process of forming a limited liability company. For instance, an online dashboard serves as the main repository for vital business documents as well as legal paperwork, which the user is able to access anytime.
  • Can Be Expensive: This company might not be the strongest cost-wise for limited liability company formation. So, owners of businesses, especially those who are on a limited budget, will have to think of the expense when knowing their choices or options. The pricing is reliant on the state; however, it begins at only $79 plus filing charges. In comparison, some companies that offer the same services don’t charge anything apart from filing costs.
  • Not All Services Integrated into the Basic Plan: Some particular services offered are just unlocked when registering for monthly business legal plans. If you want one-time support for legal issues, there is no access to a lawyer or law company to help. Rather, you are needed to register for the monthly plan. The plan is renowned for being hard to cancel; this is because it includes a lot with the limited liability company formation.

LegalZoom Pricing

The company provides three formation packages, namely the Economy, Standard, and Express Gold, each provider formation, with higher tier packages providing extra services. One vital thing to keep in mind is that none of the packages includes registered agents or operating agreements.


While the fees are relatively standard, the company needs you to purchase essential services individually, at very high prices.

Economy Plan

This plan is perfect for those searching for a basic LLC formation service for a fraction of the cost. 

There aren’t many services integrated with this plan; not like other companies’ basic plans, an OA or Operating Agreements isn’t included.

On the other hand, by choosing the Economy Plan, you’re getting the support of the client and the expertise of a business with many resources which have been in the trade for almost two decades. This is not ideal for those who are in a rush to put up their limited liability company.

The mentioned turnaround time under Economy Plan is one month. That is relatively a bit slower than other service providers.

LegalZoom’s Economy plan takes account of the following:

Articles of Organization: This is the paperwork that creates a limited liability company. They take account of basic information on the business, such as its members, name, address as well as industry.

Financial Account Authorization Letter: This paperwork will apply to any owner of a business who is planning to put up a business bank account. It offers authorization to a member or owner to open an account in the company’s name.

Lifetime Customer Assistance: This is one feature that makes LegalZoom apart from the rest; this company provides seven-day-a-week support to clients. Not like some of the smaller competitors, the company has a big team of dedicated customer service.

Handy Guide: This guide provides some ways for new founders of LLC. It will provide you with a concept of what kind of other actions and flings you might need to take if your company is made.

Standard Plan

This is available for only $329 plus state fees. The company’s standard plan is a huge step in rate from their economy plan. Sad to say, it does not add value, surely not sufficient to justify the expense or cost. 

Some of the features offered by this plan take account of the following:

VIP Processing: The order of the client will be internally prioritized, resulting in faster processing. The whole anticipated turnaround time is still slow, fifteen business days.  

Seal, Organizer, and Official Certificates: Integrated with this plan are a company seal, a personalized organizer, as well as twenty company membership certificates. These are good touches, and relatively look at most businesses will not find them essential.

Express Gold Plan

This kind of plan is available for $349 plus state charges. The Express Gold plan is only a bit expedited type of the Standard Plan. It takes account of the whole thing needed with the standard plan, however, it comes with amazing features such as: 

Fast Processing with State Secretary: A rush filing brings expected processing time down to 10 business days, considerably less than the 30 days turnaround time of the Economy Plan. 

Express Shipping: Any pertinent paperwork will be given to you as fast as possible. 

The fact that the expedited services provided are slow; we don’t suggest using this kind of plan. 

Pricing Overview: LegalZoom vs. Competitors 

Basic Formation: This covers the vital business entity creation. This takes account of –at a minimum- filing of articles of organization as well as the outlining of an Operating of Agreement for a limited liability company or business bylaws for a business or cooperation. 

Full Formation: This takes account of – at minimum- registered agents that many owners of the business will find vital. 

Full Formation Plus Website: What is more to the full formation includes a site domain, security certificate as well as other essential services needed to secure the online presence of the company. 

Is LegalZoom Ideal for LLC Formation?

Yes. This is perfect for limited liability company formation. This is considered one of the first, most experienced, and most used legal services online. Many reviews agreed that this company would handle all your needs when it comes to legal business, including the formation of LLCs, law advisory, and making custom legal documents.

If your company does not have an in-house legal branch and you require occasional legal assistance, LegalZoom provides superb value instead of an established law company.

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While many LegalZoom reviews complain of not sufficient support for clients, a lot of customers extremely recommend this company for any legal business services. Many competitors provide cheaper packages. However, LegalZoom will cost you less than getting the service of an attorney or lawyer. For example, one of their main competitors – ZenBusiness says they can form an LLC for a cheaper price, in fact, your can research more on a guide of LegalZoom vs. Zenbusiness here.


Is LegalZoom Scam or Legit?

LegalZoom is legit. This company has provided limited liability company services as well as other legal assistance to more than four million customers. It is considered one of the most reputable and oldest companies of its kind.

Does This Company Offer Any Assurances?

According to LegalZoom’s terms of legal service, the company doesn’t assure the accuracy, suitability, completeness, reliability, and timelessness of its legal forms. While this company offers legal assistance, it’s not an attorney. Instead, they assist you in getting the power of a lawyer to register as well as protect your company and business.

Is it Possible to Register My Company without the Help of LegalZoom?

Indeed, you can do the filing by yourself. On the other hand, utilizing this company offers many benefits such as saving you energy as well as a considerable amount of time. What is more, some states in the US have advanced requirements in the formation of a Limited Liability Company that leads to wasting more time and hard work if you choose to handle the process by yourself.

Is it Important to Be a Resident of the US to Create an LLC?

Anyone can create an LLC. You do not need to be a citizen or resident of the US or physically be in that country to form a limited liability company.

How Much Do I Need to Spend to Make and Operate a Limited Liability Company?

The filing and yearly charges differ amongst states. Filing charges range from $40 to $500 and have a national average of $132. States like Idaho and Arizona have no yearly LLC charges, while California Limited Liability Companies need to give out a yearly charge of $800.

Is My Personal Details Safe with this Company? 

The company is susceptible to data security and personal privacy. They have thorough internal rules and regulations to keep personal information safe and sound from unauthorized access and application. LegalZoom also has a privacy team committed and dedicated to securing the client’s personal information. 

How Long does it Take to Form LCC with LegalZoom? 

Aside from the package you choose, this would rely on the state and how fast it processes the filings of your business. Limited Liability Company formation might take longer when you file at the start or end of the year if the filing volume is usually heavier. 

What other Services are Offered by this Company?

Aside from a limited liability company, LegalZoom offers a wide array of business as well as personal services, which takes account of C-Corp and S-Corp formation services, copyright as well as trademark, real estate, permits and taxes, business compliance, wills, business reviews, living trust, and many others.

Do they Offer Refunds?

This company offers refunds in most instances. To ask for a refund, keep in touch with the customer support service. 

To Sum Up

Legalzoom is a reliable LLC formation company and has been in the business for many years. The company has decent review averages on many platforms and is also accredited by the BBB. We hope you are enlightened by this review and will help you decide if this is a reliable one and will meet your needs.