Elevate Your Visual Storytelling.

How do I make a living from my own ideas?

For most visual storytellers, and creative people of all kinds, this is the question of the century…

Led by Disney character designer Chris OatleyIDW comics creator Lora Innes and Marvel Animation Story Artist Justin Copeland, the Paper Wings Community is pursuing answers to this question by covering relevant topics such as:

  • How to craft beautiful and engaging visual stories.
  • How to get attention from big studios & publishers with an independent project.
  • How to grow an audience through technology and social media.
  • How to run a small, creative  business legally and profitably.
  • How to make the most of your limited time and energy.

Visual storytellers have unprecedented opportunities to connect directly to  audience, to circumvent traditional distribution methods and to create high quality images on a budget.

The Paper Wings Community is here to help you reach new creative heights and experience unprecedented success with your own ideas!

Meet The Hosts:

Chris Oatley:

Chris was a character designer and visual development artist at Disney for five years before he left to form his own online art school The Oatley Academy of Concept Art & Illustration. Now he teaches composition and color theory, character design and digital painting full-time.

Along with IDW published creator Lora Innes and Marvel Animation Story Artist Justin Copeland, he co-hosts The Paper Wings Podcast to help visual storytellers

In 2010, Chris established the Paper Wings Apprenticeship Program to provide a personalized, in-depth art and story education to students without the financial debt and schedule restrictions of traditional art school models. That apprenticeship program led to the formation of The Oatley Academy.

On his personal blog and podcast, Chris answers questions about Digital Painting and Character Design for Animation.

His site features an in-depth creative career guide:  Concept Artist Jobs: How To Break In & Stay In.

ChrisOatley.com also features industry interviews, free Photoshop resources and Photoshop Tutorials.

Chris has contributed artistically to various animated films, television shows, video games and music videos for companies such as Disney, Universal, The Weinstein Company, Activision and Geffen Records.

Chris is also the creator of Greg The Megabeaver’s Prehistoric Sideshow a webcomic with animated and interactive elements.  (The comic is currently on hiatus until 2013.)

He currently lives in Burbank, California with his wife Angie and their dachshund Sydney.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @ChrisOatley

Lora Innes:

Lora Innes has been a webcomic creator since 2007.

Her first solo publication, The Dreamer (IDW Publishing), is a graphic novel collection of her critically acclaimed historical webcomic. It has been nominated for three Harvey Awards and the Graphic Novel for Young Adults category in the Cybils Awards. The Dreamer won the 2009 S.P.A.C.E. Prize.

As a commercial illustrator, Lora worked at a studio for clients such as Mattel, Fisher Price, McGraw Hill, Scholastic and Simon & Schuster. There she discovered that working in an environment with other vibrant artists is the equivalent of taking artistic steroids. Through constant critique, instruction and encouragement, she saw more growth and refinement in that period than the entirety of her art school experience.

Lora is excited to watch Paper Wings grow into exactly that kind of community.

The Dreamer Volume 2 will be released in November 2011 from IDW Publishing. Lora is currently working on a graphic novel tie-in for TO APPOMATTOX, an 8-part television event slated for 2013.

Follow Lora on Twitter: @LoraInnes

Justin Copeland:

JustinPhoto150Justin Copeland’s obsession with visual storytelling, cinematography and film history inspires his work as a professional storyboard artist in the animation industry.

Justin’s career began when he landed a gig developing new content at Top Cow comics though his filmmaker’s mindset drew him to Burbank.

Justin’s storyboard work on animated action shows like Ultimate Spider-man and Ben 10 led to the opportunity of a lifetime…. In 2012, Justin joined the story department for Avengers Assemble – the very first animated series to be developed at Disney for Marvel Animation Studios.

Follow Justin on Twitter: @Jusdog